Fennec Fox Full Care Guide

A Fennec Fox natural food regimen consists of small rodents, bugs, birds, eggs, and rabbits. A captive diet consists of half a cup of Blue Buffalo cat food kibble, chicks, raw or boiled eggs, fruits equivalent to apples and bananas, crickets, mice, and raw meat.

Fennec Foxes can’t have chocolate, fruit cores, artificial sweeteners, or grapes. It’s best to feed your Fennec Fox twice a day, as overfeeding can lead to serious health issues. Do not free-feed your juvenile fennec fox. You have to be feeding portioned sizes.

Cage Necessities:

Earlier than bringing your Fennec Fox residence, you need to have its habitat ready if possible. The bigger the cage the higher and outside is best. However, fennecs are desert animals and as such should be kept warm. They need to only be kept outdoors in areas that do not go beneath 68 degrees Fahrenheit. They want enough house for leaping, running, and enrichment to keep them entertained. Also, provide them with a lot of cage accessories and toys. When building an out of doors enclosure, you’ll want to create an area that won’t enable them to either dig under the cage. This means the enclosure should have a “floor” of some kind. Fennec foxes especially enjoy massive tree limbs or wooden platforms to climb, and soft sand or dirt to dig in. They can be litter trained, so you may additionally need to get a small litter box.

Out of cage playtime:

Be careful of anything they will squeeze under or behind

Make certain anything in your fennecs reach is safe and non-toxic

Be aware of household hazards

Keep an eye on them!

Household hazards:

Air freshener, candles, cleaning chemical compounds, and sprays

Make certain to clean up any dead bugs across the house which may have been killed by pesticides.

Any house your fennec can squeeze into could create a potential situation or hazard.

Open home windows and doors

Holes in cabinets, holes in partitions, or holes near plumbing fixtures.


Dealing with:

These tiny infants are very quick and extremely energetic. While they can be playful, they do not generally enjoy being held or stroked and prefer not to cuddle.

Most fennecs allow their owners to pick them up, but additionally they do not seem to enjoy it that much. If you are looking for a little cuddle bug to put in your lap and zakarianul01 watch TV with you, a fennec is probably not the proper animal for you. They would moderately have you ever watch them play.


They enjoy ripping things apart, so your home will must be baby-proofed. They’re extraordinarily high-energy, nocturnal, animals. They’re the most social of all foxes and want an outlet for that endless energy. They are alert and very aware of their surroundings, ready to react to anything.


In warmer climates, a large outdoor enclosure could be a really perfect way to each house your fennec and provide room for exercise. Train is essential for these energetic animals. Indoor play could be high-spirited and may end up in broken items. When planning for indoor fennec activity it’s necessary to note that unneutered males will spray urine to mark their territory. If outdoor walks are more suited to your life-style, with a while and lots of patience fennecs might be trained to walk outdoors on a leash.

Fennecs also need other activities and enrichment:

Interactive toys and cage accessories

Taking part in soft music for them

Providing dig boxes is a good idea, as it simulates natural burrowing behavior.

Together with a number of textures and materials of their cage

Permitting your fennec to forage for his or her treats and burrow

Social interaction with you or another animal

You could find one million distinctive toys all around the web, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, etc. You may even get inventive and make your own!

Tub Time:

Fennec foxes shed, and due to this fact need to be brushed regularly. However, they are wonderful groomers and generally keep themselves clean, only needing a shower when necessary. Baby wipes can be utilized as a quick way to get any dirty bits off without having to do a full bath.

When utilizing shampoo or flea products ensure it is safe for a cat or kitten. Check the age and weight on the product and examine to your fennec. Their systems are more delicate like a cat because of their dimension even though they’re in the canine family.


Occasional nail clipping prevents scratches if needed.

Living with a Fennec Fox:

These foxes talk utilizing many alternative vocalizations, including whimpers, barks, shrieks, squeaks, growls, howls, and chatters. Fennecs are very vocal animals even when they’re content. They’re also very social and live in teams within the wild.

They are known for marking their territory with urine. Fennec foxes are clever and don’t take to most commands. You won’t be teaching yours to sit, stay, or not bounce on your furniture. Because they are naturally perpetually alert and attentive, they are easily distressed by loud noises and surprising events.

Remember to locate a vet experienced with exotics that’s prepared to see your baby before you get your baby. Earlier than the big day, schedule an appointment to your baby to be seen within seventy two hours for our health warranty to be effective. Have your vet give a general examination and allow them to get familiar with you and your baby in case of an emergency or routine visits in the future. You must take your baby in yearly for annual checkups.


Like canines, fennecs will want routine examinations and vaccinations to remain healthy. Fennecs can carry rabies, and you will want to have yearly exams as well as heartworm and flea prevention.

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